Thursday, May 8, 2008

Studio Lighting Project

Using our minimum project from second year we created a lighting design for the kitchen area. In my model I incorporated recessed lighting under the cabinets, ceiling mounted lights overhead, and wall mounted lights. Natural lighting is another important aspect of this design. The windows allow the light to enter the space from all sides of the building.

Incandescent Lights

The purpose of the first space is large warehouse. The purpose of the lighting is to illuminate the warehouse space evenly and so that work can be done. The luminaries used are very simple but one's that are efficient enough to give off light to the space. The effect of the lighting is that it doesn't light the space very efficiently and leaves lots of shadows and dark places throughout the space. There are not many colors in the space, but the luminaries do not accentuate them. The lighting in the space could be a little better and more efficient, there could less fixtures if the acutal lamp gave off more light.

The purpose of the second space is the interior of an office building. The lighting is used to illuminate the space, but to also accentuate the architectural detailing, and to make contrast within the space. I feel like the lighting in this space has a very dramatic effect on the building. The light source also brings to life different colors within the space. I feel like this lighting is very appropriate for the space, and the illumination level is what it should be in a space like this.

Fluorescent Lights

The purpose of the first space is an office lobby. The lighting in the space is to illuminate the room and to allow visitors to clearly see their way around the building. The types of luminaries used here are recessed and track lighting, it creates down lighting in the space. The lighting effects the surfaces that it comes in contact with, the walls are illuminated by the lights hitting them. I feel the lights chosen for this space are very appropriate.

The purpose of the second space is a kitchen in a residential home. The lighting is used to illuminate the work spaces in the kitchen and also allow for allover illumination in the space. The luminaries used in the space are recessed lighting under the cabinets and also pendant overhead lighting over the kitchen island. The lighting is very effective because every work space is illuminated and very well lit. The colors in the space are more evident through the lighting used in the space.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

A CFL is a type of fluorescent lamp compared to general service incandescent lamps giving the same amount of visible light, CFLs use less power and have a longer rated life. CFLs radiate a different light spectrum from that of incandescent lamps. Improved phosphor formulations have improved the subjective color of the light emitted by CFLs such that the best "soft white" CFLs available in 2007 were subjectively similar in color to standard incandescent lamps.

Luraline Lighting Competition

For the Luraline Lighting competition I created a lighting fixture that can be used in a commercial space or residential. The fixture is called the "Jellyfish Light," it attaches to the ceiling through the base of the light, from the base their are six legs attached to it. The legs are made of flexible metal tubing, the flexibility allows the lights to move according to the needs of the user. The legs also run along a track to allow even more flexibility. At the end of the legs are the LED lights which create different areas of spot lighting, this light fixture is very efficient and interesting.